Lucie Baudon


Localisation : Paris, accompagnement à distance par Skype ou par téléphone.

Chorégraphe et danseuse, passionnée par l’alignement âme/corps/esprit. 
Comment vous sentez-vous dans votre vie ? Dans vos relations avec les autres ? Où en sont vos projets et votre carrière ?
Imaginez une vie dans laquelle vous vous sentez en phase avec vous-même et ce que vous faîtes.
C’est ce rêve qui me guide et qui m’a mené à suivre la méthode Festen, puis à devenir à mon tour accompagnante.
Diplômée d’une licence en information/communication et d’un master en management de projet, j’ai commencé ma carrière dans l’événementiel. En 2014, suite à un burn-out, j’ai décidé de donner du sens à ma vie. C’est dans cet élan que j’ai commencé à suivre des stages et des formations, notamment en danse–thérapie, mimothérapie, pilates et reiki.
Aujourd’hui, en parallèle de l’accompagnement Festen, je suis l’auteure d’un blog (, d’un jeu de cartes (Mes 7 familles bien-être aux éditions jouvence) et je dirige des ateliers de danse intuitive et de circling (pratique de connexion authentique).
J’aime partager mes expériences et mes découvertes aux personnes que j’accompagne.
Cela peut être des méditations guidées, des vidéos, des articles, des livres, adaptés à chacun.
Si vous vous sentez prêt à vous lancer dans cette aventure, vous pouvez m’envoyer un e-mail à :


Before my ceremony of liberation, I had difficulty to be present in what I was doing. I was dreaming of a work which would correspond me more, of living in a warmer country, of interesting artistic projects, of a nourishing and fulfilling love relationship, of a group of funny and creative friends … I runed after these dreams, convinced that when I would have all of this, then I could be happy. I might had a quiet and peacefull face, in my head I was ceaselessly runing towards the next stage, never satisfied and in the permanent frustration.

Introduced by my grandmother to the complementary medicines and quite particularly to the Reiki, I always knew how to help others but it was harder to help myself. Even though I was regulary doing Pilates, Dance, Yoga, Meditation, acupuncture, therapies of all kinds, nothing truely switched my feeling of disconnexion.

A burn-out helped me to take the decision to change radically my life. I left my employment of head of communications and event management to dedicate myself to my passions: the dance and the well-being. I began to write on a blog and give courses of improvisation … But I was still filling unsatisfied. I tried several therapies, until I heared about Festen by a friend. Something in her eyes changed, a sens of presence and confidence… I felt that there was something powerful behind this method.

Today, I know that it is the best decision I took. I opened up to the world. I started apreciate my everyday life, my path, the pleasure to be and to experiment every thing which arrives at me. My body relaxed, I feel more present, my artistic creativity deployed and I see with delight my dreams becoming a reality without efforts.

My friends and family always told me that I had a gift to listen and offer good advices and I wanted to make it my job. Multiple trainings taught me how to relax the body, but I felt that a link with the mind was missing. Festen allowed me to build that bridge. I have never known any method that clear, radical, fast and complete.

Making the link between the body, mind and soul is my mission. Every session is a unique experience and I like emphasizing the talents, the qualities and the beauty of each person I meet. Guide every person whom I accompany to release itself from their fears, to reconnect into their dreams and to realize them is a joy for me. My knowledge of the body, allied to Festen, allows me to identify the physical blockings. According to the situation of each, I enrich my accompaniment of technical tools and practices like NVC, EFT, meditation, Yoga and Pilates posture, Mimo-thérapy, Reiki and Circling.

Looking forward to meet you !

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